Deer Control

We can assist where a resident stalker may need a helping hand to tackle culls or if you are a farmer or land owner that has muntjac or roe passing though damaging your crop or garden we can help control by a humane kill. We hold a DSC1 and DSC2

Rabbit Control

As you will be aware rabbits breed all year round and need managing especially in the summer months when populations explode.You will never stop the rabbits from breeding but we can control how many come into your area by regular agreed visits to your site.

Most rabbits strike at night so may go unnoticed for weeks. Eventually the land owner will notice plants are disappearing and crops are being destroyed. Rabbits will feed on just about any plant, fruit or vegetable they can reach.

To help with rabbit control we can come at night or at the weekend so we do not disturb your day to day activities.

We have found the best rabbit control is involving the use of high powered lamps and sound moderated rifles with night / thermal imaging either sitting in truck or on a golf kart this enables us to kill 100's in 1 night and doesn't disturb neighbors. 

Pigeon Control

Pigeon control is not only a sport for most shooters but it helps stop crop damage and the spread of diseases. Some farmers also find that letting off banger's will help for a short period of time but when they are planting the pigeons favorite food they will keep coming back until everything is destroyed.

There are several different types of pigeon we shoot:

Wood Pigeons:

The largest and occur both singly and in small to large flocks, they are mainly grey with a white patch on each side of their neck. 

Feral pigeon:

Smaller and sleeker than the wood pigeon but highly variable in colour, comes in flocks

Collared Doves:

Are a lot smaller than a wood pigeon, grey to sandy colour with a white band on tail and black neck band bordered with white. Comes in pairs or small flocks and tame.

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Geese & Duck-Coots

Geese and Duck shooting  is done mainly for sport in wildfowling season but we do help with pond clear up's at the end of the year.

If you have a issue with geese out of shooting season then we can apply for a licence to deal with them.

 and Duck

Fox Control:

Fox control has become necessary due to the increase of activity in the towns due to lack of natural  food and fear of humans has gone the fox's have become very bold and feed from our rubbish bins.

Diseases foxes Carrie can affect both wildlife and domestic animals.

Some diseases they can have are:

Lung worm, parvovirus, canine hepatitis, heart worm, mange and weils disease.

There are no natural predators so it is our responsibility to try and keep their population under control.

In high risk areas we will always ensure that all control methods happen smoothly, discreetly and most importantly safely.

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