Deer and vermin control in all year round.
 Deer, Rabbits, Pigeons, Rats, Fox's, Geese and Duck

Deer and Vermin Control

Wildlife Control in Kent and London

All year round rural wildlife control for private land owners or Businesses
Deer and vermin control helps many different people with wildlife control such as Farmers, Equestrians and other businesses such as Manufactures, Golf or Bowling course in the Kent and London Area.

We can provide a Vermin Control services for Rabbits, Pigeon, Rats, Squirrels, Fox's and Deer we can also help in shooting season with Geese and Duck. See our services offered click here

Our team at Deer and vermin Control hold a variety of gun calibers to enable us to dispatch animals in a humane way or we can use traps as per clients request.

A full fire arms licence can be shown and we also hold full BASC insurance. We do ask our clients to fill out our forms to give us permission to shoot on your land just encase anyone asks.

You can rest assure all animals are killed humanely and any surplus animals go to a local  zoo to help feed the animals.

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Deer and vermin control
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